So You Need A Website:

Here at The Coast Collective, we are constantly asked how much a website costs. Without the informative hand of supporting information, this is akin to asking a plumber how much a swimming pool would cost; How big is the pool? How deep would you like it? What kind of tiling are you looking at? How are you managing the treating and heating of the water? Do you prefer stone, tile or plastic surrounding? And this is similarly true with the options businesses and business leaders face when tackling a new web project.

The varying permutations and options available to those considering producing a website are often so convoluted and difficult to grasp technologically that it can seem daunting to those wanting one but without the experience of their variables.  Hence this blog post!

Below I will describe differences in web installations which largely affect resource, time and therefore cost and is the main reason website quotes vary so much. They can start at four or five hundred pounds right up to the £35M that Marks & Spencer spent in 2014 for their website.


The Self Builder:

Have you ever heard of Wix, Squarespace or Mr Site? These are website ‘Template Builders’ that aim to allow their customers to create their own websites themselves through a series of browser based tools and interfaces, many with simple WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) drag and drop functionality.

As with all things in life there are a number of pros and cons in deciding to build your website yourself, with one of these. Broadly speaking, with D.I.Y Self builders these tend to be:


  • Very Cheap
  • Quick and Relatively Simple process
  • Simple functionality befitting of a one man band / sole trader who simply needs a web presence regardless of what it does or how it makes their business appear to their consumers
  • No external assistance, sole internal workflow and content management



  • Look and feel cheap
  • Very limited design options
  • Very limited functionality
  • Poor S.E.O control and optimisation
  • Nothing bespoke to your site/business/offering
  • Not professionally made
  • Hosting, language, functional, Search and Database parameters


The Middle Ground (Consultative Building):

Many agencies and freelancers alike will further the mysticism around the knowledge and technology in order for you (The Business owner) to become so entrenched in confusion, with so much seemingly important necessities flying over your head that you just hand over vast sums of money for them to take care of it for you.

Whilst many installations can use complex functionality and program languages (Of which there are many) it is rarer that the small independent trader would require such a solution. Like the proverbial sledgehammer to a Walnut.

This consultative middle ground involves industry professionals strategizing in conjunction with your business goals and aims a series of steps for you to follow so you have the peace of mind that what you are doing yourself, are the right things to be doing, for you.

You can follow and augment in any way you want. Digital to do lists on the back of a fully optimised digital strategy in conjunction with where you want to be as a business affords the flexibility and cost saving of you undertaking the work how you want it done within the context of doing it in a clearly defined and reasoned way, benefiting and aiding your business goals.


  • Cost saving against fully bespoke solution
  • Industry best practice strategy and to do’s
  • Clearly defined immediate roadmap & long term rationale
  • Bespoke to your business and offering



  • Design, build and functional limitations to platform
  • Limited Search and keyword optimisation within the installation
  • Limited by the platform’s capabilities & Existing functionality
  • Cheap look and feel
  • Not professionally made



The Design & Build of a bespoke installation tailored exclusively for your business and its digital needs.

This process is best undertaken by anybody with an offering comparably greater than a soul trader who is happy making a lifestyle wage, uninterested in growth. If you want to actively grow your business and future proof its digital estate, 9/10 times you’d be better taking the time and effort now to get something designed and built which will serve you for years to come.

You have the peace of mind following a consultative audit, that what you’re getting designed, built and created is tailored to the needs of you and your business as well as how you want to run it.

This does not just translate to the design and build of a website but also encapsulates; Customer Relationship Management (crm), promotional mailers, social media, eCommerce, Shop, Worldwide shipping etc. and anything else integral to the growth of your offering. Moreover, you know that it’s being built and created by industry leading professionals, especially for you.

To borrow a relatable tradesman metaphor; Would you rather hire a professional to re-wire your house, or try and do it yourself with no training?


  • Tailored to you and the needs of your business
  • Completely unique and bespoke, to you/your business
  • The integration of everything you need in one place on-site: CMS // eCRM System // Sales Force // Analytics // Mailers // D.B.A etc
  • Future Proofing. Your solution will cater for the needs of the business for years to come, without the need for expensive re-designing/updating/re-build/expansion/moving. Buy cheap, buy twice.
  • Strategy, delivery and execution by professionals with proven track record working on your business and its success
  • Economies of Scale in pricing deliverables
  • Peace of Mind and Time & Quality guarantees; If it doesn’t work as agreed, don’t pay for it.



  • More expensive than D.I.Y
  • Bigger project, larger initial resource outlay for long term solution


As we touched on above, there’s not strictly a right or wrong method. It’s down to what you want for your website and any time and financial considerations that brings.

Nobody knows your business like you do. And nobody knows digital like we do.

If you’d like a no obligation discussion around your digital needs or would appreciate any of the above elaborated upon, feel free to get in touch here.