The Labanarium


As some of you may remember we visited the University of Surrey recently after being asked to deliver a lecture to students at the “Guildford School of Acting” about the importance of promoting yourself on a digital landscape.  Greg provided an engaging two part seminar about the importance of portraying the right image to perspective employees when seeking work after leaving further education and divulged industry secrets as to how students can ensure their Facebook profiles / Youtube videos and so on can stand head and shoulders above the rest in terms of relaying information and capturing an audience. 

Since Greg’s initial seminar The CC has been working closely with staff members of the GSA to help design and build a new website -  The Labanarium is an “online international resource and network centre for the movement community”.  Focusing on the teachings of movement theorist Rudolf Laban, The Labanarium seeks to foster an exchange between members of the movement community and is open to the breadth and diversity of practices which explore all human movement. 

The CC’s developers worked closely with lecturers from GSA to develop an easy to use, informative site, designed to capitalise on the exchange of knowledge and passion of Laban enthusiasts.  A crucial aspect of the website build was to include a ‘members area’, where users of the site are able to create profiles, offer contributions, liaise with other members of the site, share research and findings, join existing groups as well as creating their own.  Membership is completely free and you can find a full list of membership benefits here:

It’s always a pleasure to build a site for a client, even more so when that site is aimed towards bringing communities together with a view to exchanging theories, bouncing ideas off each other and ultimately nurturing a passion for a given subject.  It’s a global movement Laban himself could have only dreamed of.

The logistics behind developing what is essentially a social network were challenging at times and we’re grateful our developer is such an incredible human being (even if he does get a flat tyre on the way to a talk to discuss how incredible he is).  We’re thrilled to be able to share The Labanarium with you – especially if you just so happen to be a big fan of Rudolf himself.  A lot of work goes on behind the scenes when creating a bespoke site such as this, especially one inclusive of its own bespoke community and we’re very excited to watch from the side lines as The Labanarium continues to flourish, all the while hoping we pick up some cool dance moves along the way.