Of course, creating and curating engaging content and share-ability for your brand is just half the story when it comes to making it work as best it can, for you and your business. Continuous, intelligent optimisation across your digital estate pays dividends when it comes to re-targeting your business' consumers to create sales uplift and ultimately increased revenue. Additionally this helps increase the awareness of your brand, subsequently increasing your potential customer base who previously may not have been aware of your offering.

Optimisation, Google, SEOThe intelligent use of your data, by our experienced Database Analysts (DBA's), ensures that your digital estate's learnings and analytical data can be translated into real, tangible income.  This means that by using powerful datasets behind your digital platforms; you can devise what your audience are looking for, what they like, where they spend their time online and what they want more of.  We offer simple, easy to understand analytical learnings presented in an easily digestible way.  This allows you to be as relevant and reactive to your audiences consumption habits as possible, which translates into a proven increase in revenue, while also increasing awareness.

Social, Uplift, Facebook, Optimisation

One of the greatest advantages of the digital era and it's many varied platforms is the breadth and depth of the data that can be extracted (in a warm and fuzzy way of course).   This not only helps your business improve customer service, but also allows your brand to limit wastage by always maintaining maximum relevancy to their specific audience. This is especially the case when you're able to create a holistic, connected persona of your audience when considering each dataset as part of a connected picture rather than each channel individually.  For example, we do not look at Google Analytic data, Facebook data, Twitter data and Instagram as just separate data sets but rather look at the information available from each in a connected fashion to build a more reliable picture as a whole.

The ongoing optimisation of all that we do, driven by data includes but is not limited to:

- S.E.O

- Google analytic and website traffic performance

- Social channels

- Content optimisation

- eCRM