We’ll get your face out there. People will like you so much they’ll want to share you with their friends. We’ll tweet your triumphs, pin your Pinterests, and go to places your customers will want to follow.  It’s a social world out there, and we love being a part of it. 

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It's not all for the fun of it though. There's tried and tested methodology behind the social fun and frolics. Did you know nearly half of all people (49%) between the ages of 18-34 consult social media prior to making a purchasing decision? Or that 8 out of 10 start ups (from 2013 ONS data) adopt social media strategies at launch?

It's not hard to see the reasons for the rapid rise of the importance of social strategies and their burgeoning influence upon wider marketing & communications campaigns as they play an ever larger part. Though what is demanded now is value for that investment.

The Coast Collective deliver socially successful campaigns which improve your perception in the eyes of your new and existing consumers.



Social, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedInThe CC specialise in delivering effective returns on investment with minimal to no wastage allowing our clients' social campaigns to not only pay for themselves, but deliver measurable profitability through a variety of proven successful techniques including:

- Social Media Content Creation & Curation relevant to audience, split by demographic

- Social Interactive Campaigns; Competitions, Quizes, Polls etc

- Integrated App development

- Games

- Offers

- Loyalty programs

- eCRM & Lifestyle data & Interpretation

We position your brand socially in a way that makes your audience want to be friends with you. To seek you out. To want to know what you're up to. To want to increase their spend.

And we're very good at it. Just ask our clients.