Thanks to the fast moving nature of digital technology and content consumption, popular trends and micro trends amongst a brand's target demographic and audience have become more transient, malleable and subject to changing faster than ever before.

This is why it is becoming more important than ever before to not just keep up with what your audience are doing and where they are but also in taking part in the conversation. In their conversation. By leveraging engaging and relevant content, brands can actively take part and influence the financially rewarding ways in which trend influence and creation can work for both a brand's audience and a brands bottom line.

 This benefits your audience too and creates a digital brand loyalty which translates to uplift in both sales and awareness. If you're able to serve engaging, relevant content to your brands fans that will educate, inform or entertain they will be sure to come back for more.


Research shows that taking an active role in your audiences trends and consumption of them and being part of the conversation creates a greater trust of a brand's messaging in the eyes of it's audience.


The Coast Collective offer bespoke trend influence and creation using a multi faceted approach tailored to each brand and it's audience.

Some commonly successful techniques have involved:

- Viral Creation, Seeding & Promotion

- Data driven audience persona creation

- 'Find and build your demographic' digital consultation

- Trend & audience driven content curation

- Optimized use of social tools and tricks

- 'Social conversation' campaigns

- 'Brand Friend' content campaign

- Social Trend workshops and tools. (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, LiniedIN, Google+, Yik Yak etc)

Influence trends or be the trend. We'll show you how.