Why We're Different

As we do not operate as an agency, or a freelancer, we're in the lucky position to be able to incorporate the most effective elements of each. Operating as a 'Collective' similar to those found commonly in the art world; we're uniquely placed to offer a diverse, reliable offering usually associated with large expensive agencies whilst our unique, game-changing model affords us the dynamic flexibility, inexpensive costing model and agility of a group of individual freelancers.

Simply put we do not have the overheads of an expensive office, utilities, profit obsessed board members or shareholders to answer to.  Our collective is owned independently and consists of the very best media professionals all handpicked as experts in their field, whether that be copywriting, photography, videography, web development and so on.   

We're operated and managed Gregory Chambers and Joshua Adams who together have over 20 years industry experience working across a vast array of blue chip brands for some of the world's largest agencies and media owners. Each project and client relationship is managed personally by Greg and Joshua who oversee and execute all work carried out.  

Simply put The CC is able to offer a unique level of consistency, while our hands on approach affords us the opportunity to familiarise ourselves with your business and what it is you aim to achieve.  You get the same dedicated members, whose success relies on your success.  Let’s do this!

The CC, Why We're Different

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